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Inspiring Wedding Stories for Every Day of the Year
Family Histories
An amateur genealogist's journey
You have to know what family members looked like, to notice their features in younger generations.
A former high school for Jewish women now helps all kinds of immigrants
Holocaust, and Family History
What happened to the Gestapo Chief of Tarnopol?
Sixty years after my great-uncle's Torah was lost and found in the Holocaust, an Israeli cousin locates it for me.
Getting rid of the ghosts of owners past.
Why do so many husbands only cook outdoors?
Do you have pre-wedding jitters? So did some famous couples!
A New Yorker visits the original "Ground Zero."

My Works

From Pocahontas to Priscilla Presley, Annie Oakley to Yoko Ono, Grace Kelly to Coretta Scott King, no woman ever forgets her wedding day.

In 366 stories, WEDDING DAYS reveals surprising, humorous, passionate and romantic details about how extraordinary couples met, wooed, and wed. Whether an illicit elopement or state occasion, these weddings of celebrities and statesmen, artists and abolitionists, royalty and rebels all share a sense of joy and promise ... as well as the occasional jitters.

Find out what John Lennon and Yoko Ono wore (March 20); what Elvis sang as he carried Priscilla across the threshold (May 1); why Napoleon and Josephine shared their wedding night with her nasty pug dog (March 9); why Thomas Edison proposed in Morse Code (Feb 24); and which woman inspired the Taj Mahal? (March 27.)

In 2013 Susan appeared on a national TV show where she talked about great marriages in history and WEDDING DAYS. Straightaway, many viewers contacted her, and interest in WEDDING DAYS soared online and off!

As the Writer-in-Residence for Victoria magazine, Susan wrote about the joy of writing WEDDING DAYS, and she poked (gentle) fun at Prince William & Kate Middleton in a personal essay for LA TIMES and other media, shortly before the royal wedding.

Susan continues to speak about romance and great marriages to business groups, women's clubs, bridal show groups, and libraries across the United States.

Note to Publishers: A revised, updated edition of WEDDING DAYS is ready for publication. Contact Susan if you're interested!

Finding Eva
Finding Eva was the start of peeling the onion of my family's world before most relatives came to America.

Finding Ourselves in Family Photos
After 90 years, a photograph of my grandfather.

Settlement House Spirit Lives on in a New York School for Immigrants
If you look closely above the front door of Manhattan Comprehensive Night and Day High School, you can see the acronym "HTSG" carved in stone. The letters stand for Hebrew Technical School for Girls....

Hunting a Dead Nazi
Tracking down a "bloody enemy of the Jews" brought me grim satisfaction.

A Torah Lost and Found, and Found Again
Through diligent research and the marvels of online Jewish genealogy, I find, at last, the Torah I'd heard about for so long.

A New Broom Sweeps Clean -- Except When a House is Involved
No matter how empty a house looks after you've bought it, stuff remains.

Raking Dad Over the Coals
Learning to embrace my husband's culinary limitations.

Wedding Dazed
As soon as I said, "Yes, I'll marry you," I panicked. Had I actually uttered those four bombshells?

Historic Hiroshima
Standing at the original "Ground Zero" is a chilling experience for anyone. For New Yorkers still reeling from the World Trade Center attack, it felt all too familiar....

BECAUSE OF EVA wins 2017 International Book Award for Memoir/Autobiography

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